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A Toast to Rare Cars and Great Company at Napa Vault’s Cars & Coffee

A Toast to Rare Cars and Great Company at Napa Vault

We are thrilled with the turnout at our latest Cars & Coffee event, held at Napa Vault on November 4th, 2023. The event was an impressive gathering of auto enthusiasts and an array of rare cars that turned heads and sparked conversations.

It’s no secret that Napa Vault’s Cars & Coffee events have become a magnet for some of the most unique and interesting vehicles in California. The diversity and rarity of the cars on display were nothing short of spectacular. We just keep hearing that our events are synonymous with rare finds and fascinating people.

Beyond the stunning display of automobiles, the event was a perfect opportunity for us to showcase our storage condominiums. Our guests toured both our standard units and larger, flexible spaces, getting a firsthand look at how Napa Vault combines style, security, and sophistication to create the ideal home for prized vehicles and other valuable belongings.

The buzz and excitement around our Cars & Coffee events continue to grow, and we are so thankful for the community that makes this possible. Your passion for beautiful cars and engaging conversations is the heartbeat of these gatherings. We hope you’ll follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with the latest news and get the scoop on future events!

As we look toward our next Cars & Coffee event, we’d like to extend an open invitation to anyone who has a business, hobby, or passion to tour our storage condominiums and view our amenities in person. What you’ll learn while you’re here is that Napa Vault isn’t just a storage condominium facility—it’s a place of security, creativity, and community.

Don’t miss out on your chance to have a place for your most treasured belongings at Napa Vault. Fill out our contact form to request more information or arrange your personal tour.

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Seller Financing for Building C Units

Seller Financing for Building C Units

Seller’s financing is available for select standard-size units in Building C. For inquiries, please contact Laura Duffy at (415) 686-0255 or via email at