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Benefits of Ownership

Owning a Storage Condominium

Why Lease Space When You Can Own It?

Ownership at Napa Vault affords you a wide range of benefits. For starters, you have tremendous freedom in how you build-out the inside of your condominium, customizing it based on your exact storage needs. Update the electrical to accommodate more toys, set up a private office or create a mechanic’s dream shop for your classic hot rods and collector cars.

Another big benefit? Ownership itself. By purchasing storage space instead of leasing it, you can stop wasting money on rent and start building equity for you and your family’s future. You can also realize potentially large tax benefits with available cost segregation. 

Last but not least, you don’t have to worry about the whims of a landlord or unexpected rent increases. If you want to rent out or mortgage your condominium, you’re free to do so, and you can re-sell your condominium after the developer has completed the sales program. Because your space is your space. Period. End of story.

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Start Building Equity

Thinking about purchasing a unit? Don’t forget the benefits of building equity. Whether you prefer ownership in lieu of renting or plan to rent out the unit as an investment property, it’s reasonable to assume your equity will increase over time. Check out the analysis below to understand what projected growth could look like over five and ten years.

Napa Vault takes storage space to a whole new luxurious level.

The perks of ownership

Deed – When we say you own it, we mean it. You get a deed, title insurance, the whole nine yards.

Value – As a condominium owner, you can reap the benefits if there is any appreciation.

Equity – Instead of throwing money away on rent, you’ll be building equity for the future.

Freedom – Because you own the space, you’re free to customize the inside as you see fit.

Stability – There’s no risk of rent increases, no hassles from a landlord, no surprises.

Flexibility – Because you own your condominium, you have  flexibility in what you do with it. 

Access – With 24/7 access, you can always get to your things whenever you need them.

Security – Our security systems help protect your valuables and deliver lasting peace of mind.

Legacy – Gift your condominium to loved ones and keep your things safe right where they are.

Seller Financing for Building C Units

Seller Financing for Building C Units

Seller’s financing is available for select standard-size units in Building C. For inquiries, please contact Laura Duffy at (415) 686-0255 or via email at