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The Ultimate Self-Storage Condominiums

A Vision Becomes a Reality

We believe great things can happen when you make space for them. That’s why we created Napa Vault, a collection of storage condominiums that gives you a little more room to pursue your passions, projects and hobbies.

With a variety of floor plans available, our storage condominiums are ideal for storing and protecting a variety of valuables and collectibles, such as:

  • Cars, trucks and SUVs
  • RVs of all classes and sizes
  • Motorcycles, ATVs and side-by-sides
  • Boats and personal watercraft
  • Winery equipment and packaging materials
  • Sports equipment and memorabilia
  • Outdoor recreation gear
  • Woodworking tools and supplies
  • Hobby collections
  • You name it!

As an owner here, you’ll enjoy only the finest, most durable building materials, a cutting-edge security system and a variety of community amenities and ownership benefits. When taken together, it’s easy to see why Napa Vault is unlike other storage spaces in Northern California today.

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More Than a Place, a Lifestyle

We get it. No one has to twist your arm to do the things you love, but, if you’re looking for a few more reasons to own at Napa Vault, don’t forget that our storage condominiums allow you to:

  • Create the ultimate man cave or lady lair
  • Store your collectibles in a safe, secure location
  • Establish a home base for your road trips
  • Free up space and de-clutter your home or garage
  • Store excess business inventory
  • Have a dedicated space for your DIY projects
  • Perfect your craft or skill, whatever it may be
  • Organize and customize your collections
  • Disassemble, reassemble, tinker and tweak
  • Endless other possibilities!

We are a tribe of collectors, gear-heads, sports nuts, adrenaline junkies, tinkerers, tradesmen and anyone who needs space for their favorite toys. We’re passionate about a wide variety of things, and we’re always looking for a few more to join us.

Seller Financing for Building C Units

Seller Financing for Building C Units

Seller’s financing is available for select standard-size units in Building C. For inquiries, please contact Laura Duffy at (415) 686-0255 or via email at