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NVTA Project to Alleviate Traffic Near Napa Vault

NVTA Project to Alleviate Traffic Near Napa Vault

Great news for Napa Vault owners: the rush-hour congestion just outside our gates will soon be a thing of the past.

Napa Valley Transportation Authority is working to alleviate the traffic problems at Soscol Junction (where Highway 29, Highway 221, and Soscol Ferry Road intersect). The Soscol Junction project will elevate Highway 29 over the problem area, remove the traffic signal at the junction, and control traffic getting on and off the highway with two roundabouts. This is similar to the successful 2005 roundabout project that alleviated traffic at Interstate 80 and Highway 89 in Truckee.

The Napa Valley Register reported on plans for the project and its groundbreaking this summer.

This large (and much-needed) multi-year project recently began. While the area will see some delays during construction, Napa Vault owners will enjoy the long-term benefit of faster, easier access once the project is complete.

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