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Napa Vault Ownership: An RV Owner’s Perspective

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Looking for the Perfect Place To Store Your RV?

It’s no secret that Napa Vault is home to a number of avid car collectors, but did you know RV enthusiasts love us too for their own distinct reasons?

We recently interviewed Donny, a seasoned RVer and Napa Vault unit owner. When Donny first came to us, he was looking for a place to keep his RV safe and running beautifully. He knew he needed indoor RV storage in Napa and electricity to maintain his RV’s pristine condition, and he wanted a convenient place to perform maintenance. He found both at Napa Vault and has been enjoying his storage condominium for over two years now.

Many thanks to Donny for taking some time to share his story with us. We have lightly edited our conversation for brevity and flow, but here’s what he had to say about his experience as a Napa Vault owner.

How did you come across Napa Vault?

It was being advertised in the area locally, and we went to check it out. It was the perfect fit for an expensive RV.

Tell us a little about how you use your Napa Vault unit.

It’s been an amazing experience because the wear and tear on an RV is really bad out in the sun. If it’s out in the sun, it’s a bad situation, and it drives the value of an RV down. One thing we’ve really noticed is the preservation of our tires and the preservation of the paint job, and the overall condition has been sustained. You can close the door to your storage unit and know that your RV is not getting beat up from the sun. And maintaining your batteries by plugging in is a very big win. It’s a nice “locker,” so to speak.

What aspects of Napa Vault do you enjoy?

They have water and a dump station on site, which is really beneficial, and I definitely use that. They also have a vacuum cleaner, and they have an owners’ quarters where you can take a shower. I’ve been in there working on the RV, sometimes late at night, and it was beneficial to get a shower or relax in the lounge.

How does Napa Vault compare to your other experiences with RV storage?

Before, we had outside storage. Then we wanted inside storage for the preservation of our RV because the outside storage was horrible. It was getting beaten up by the sun, and we didn’t have electricity. It was just like night and day once we were able to use this indoor space.

In your opinion, what sets Napa Vault apart from other RV storage options?

Most RV storage places have times when you can go in and out. We can go in and out of Napa Vault whenever we want, use the public restrooms, the shower, and the room that they have set up for all the owners.

Are there any additional insights or advice you’d like to share with other RV owners who are considering purchasing at Napa Vault?

It’s a money saver for the preservation of your expensive RV. I know that, when I go to sell my RV, the fact that it’s been indoors, plugged in, clean and neat, airtight, there’s nothing to replace that. I feel very lucky to be able to have my RV in the unit and not worry about the resale later, which I think is a big deal.

Perks of RV Storage Ownership

Thanks again to Donny for sharing his experience with us. We always love hearing how our owners are using their storage condominiums.

If you’re an RV owner who values the longevity and condition of your vehicle and are looking for a place to store and work on your RV, Napa Vault may be the perfect home base for you.

As an owner here, you’ll enjoy a long list of amenities that makes life on the open road even better. Things like:

  • 24/7 unlimited access
  • State-of-the-art security systems
  • Owners Clubhouse with coffee break area, comfortable seating, widescreen TV, WiFi and more
  • ADA-approved restrooms
  • Onsite shower facilities
  • Extra-wide 62’ concrete drive aisles
  • Private RV dump
  • Potable water fill station
  • Trash and recycling receptacles
  • Commercial air and vacuum center
  • Much more

Don’t let your investment deteriorate in the elements and lose value over time. We invite you to check pricing and availability information or schedule a private tour by calling Laura Duffy, Vice President at Jones Lang LaSalle Brokerage, Inc., at 415.686.0255. You can also request information by completing our form, and we’ll send you more information immediately.


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Seller Financing for Building C Units

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