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Meet the Grape Crusher

napa valley grape crusher
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If you live nearby or are a frequent visitor to our area, you know it well: The Grape Crusher sculpture that stands as a monument to Napa Valley.

At Napa Vault, The Grape Crusher holds a special place in our hearts. It’s a symbol of the area we love, and its history is intertwined with our own.

Peter Bedford, the respected real estate developer, was the original visionary of Napa Vault. When he established the Napa Valley Corporate Park in 1983, he recognized the need for a symbol—a monument to serve as an identifier for the area and pay tribute to its storied history as a land shaped by farmers and winemakers.

To make it happen, Napa Valley Corporate Park commissioned a logo featuring a farmer crushing grapes with a press. Designed by Michael Vanderbyl, the logo encompassed the history and feel of the area, honoring the work of the farmers who made Napa what it is today.

With the logo in place, Peter Bedford knew the next step had to be a sculpture that did the same.

Enter sculptor Gino Miles. Over the course of three years, Miles brought Vanderbyl’s design to life, sculpting an impressive monument that comprised 123 pieces. The sculpture stands fifteen feet tall (not counting its base) and depicts a barefoot farmer, three times larger than life, crushing grapes in a wide-brimmed hat.

Since its erection in 1988, the sculpture has been a mainstay in Napa photographs, a destination for visitors, and a symbol of the area, just as Peter Bedford envisioned almost forty years ago. Gino Miles’ son and daughter-in-law even got married near the statue, surrounded by the beauty of Napa Valley.

“I think the Grape Crusher became something that the community loved,” Miles says.

We think so, too.

You can see the Grape Crusher from Highway 12 or from the scenic overlook near the intersection of Napa Valley Corporate Drive and Vista Point Drive.

We hope you’ll take a moment to enjoy the scenery the next time you’re in the neighborhood. We’d also love to welcome you to Napa Vault for a private tour of our storage condominiums. To learn more or schedule a visit to Napa Vault, simply complete the form below or call 415.686.0255.

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