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A Closer Look at our 24′ x 48′ Units

Napa Vault The Standard Unit 24’x48

Standard Units That Are Anything but Standard

As we approach the end of 2022, we want to announce that we have a limited number of our 24’ x 48’ standard units remaining. These widely requested units offer a whopping 1,152 square feet or 27,648 cubic feet of storage space, making them the perfect storage solution for your classic car collection, RV, or anything else you can imagine.

That’s a lot of cubic storage space, which got us thinking: what else could you store in these units? Here are a few possibilities:

  • 3 cars, 1 RV, and 2 motorcycles
  • 2,206,087 Campbell soup cans
  • 157 elephants (though we don’t recommend it)
  • The list goes on…

We put together the list above for illustrative purposes only. If you have specific items to store, of course, you’ll want to measure the space to ensure it can accommodate all of your storage needs. However, we wanted to put things in perspective because people often don’t realize just how large these units are until they see them for themselves. Basically, there’s plenty of floor AND vertical space, so you can make use of every cubic inch of your storage condominium.

What Do You Get with a 24’ x 48’ Standard Unit?

  • 1,152 total square feet (27,648 cubic feet)
  • 24’ clearance ceiling height
  • 16’10”-wide overhead doors (with 14′ clearance height)
  • Insulated walls (R-19) and roof (R-30)
  • Fire sprinklers installed
  • Automatic door opener with visor remotes
  • Programmable keypad on exterior
  • 3’ wide steel walk-in door with dual locks
  • 125-amp, 220-volt electrical (individually metered)
  • Multiple power outlets with dedicated RV outlet
  • 24/7 video surveillance, electronic coded entrance gates and steel fence perimeter
  • Abundant LED interior lighting
  • Walls finished with white steel panels
  • Finished with spray applied MasterKure 300 WB surface hardener or equivalent
  • Access to our community amenities
  • Options to add additional upgrades such as a ceiling fan, an exhaust fan, upgraded floor finish, and air conditioning

Location, Location, Location

Why is Napa Vault the perfect place for your favorite belongings? Because it’s the perfect place for you. Located in Napa among the vineyards of America’s much-loved wine country, Napa Vault is convenient to some of the most desired places in California—and the country!

Going on vacation? Got a business trip? Just grab your stuff and go. Napa Vault is only 2.4 miles from the Napa County Airport, so you can be on your way in no time.

The other thing? The real estate market here is booming. Some of the country’s fastest-growing businesses are moving into new warehouse and distribution centers near Napa Vault, and the land in the South Napa area is in high demand, with roads like Technology Way, Kaiser Road, and Enterprise Road being incredibly popular. In fact, the immediate area has seen more than $98 million in real estate sales since 2017. Don’t miss your opportunity to own a piece of some of Napa’s most rapidly evolving, in-demand real estate.

One Big Incentive To Act Now

It’s not too late to take advantage of our latest promotion. When you reserve a 24’ x 48′ standard unit before the end of 2022, you’ll receive a free upgraded floor finish (valued at $8,000). This floor finish includes a diamond abrasive grinding of the concrete slab, a hardener application and two coats of Prosoco Concrete Protector. The end result is a shiny, gleaming floor that’s almost too beautiful to drive your favorite car on…ALMOST.

Come See Napa Vault for Yourself

The remaining 24′ x 48′ units won’t last long, and the best way to understand the spaciousness and quality of these units is to come see them for yourself. Contact us today to schedule a private tour or request more information.

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Seller Financing for Building C Units

Seller Financing for Building C Units

Seller’s financing is available for select standard-size units in Building C. For inquiries, please contact Laura Duffy at (415) 686-0255 or via email at